Presentations 2015

 Conference 2015

Recovery of Proceeds of Grand Political Corruption in Ukraine: Seizure, Confiscation, Management

Oliver Stolpe, UNODC

Overview of existing world models and solutions (ARO/AMO)

Laura Stefan

Romania from an Asset Recovery to an Asset Management Office

Kimmo Juhani Vikman, expert of the Administrative Office for Enforcement of Finland

The Finnish system of management of seized and confiscated assets, interagency cooperation. Success stories and challenges.

Michele Riccardi, Prof. Salvatore Cincimino

The management of confiscated assets in Italy: how to deprive mafia and organized crime from proceeds of crime and use them for social benefit. Ideas and lessons for Ukraine.

Camelia Bogdan, the Judge of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Romania

Romanian experience of criminal confiscation – key challenges and success stories

Leacche Maria Teresa, Judge from Rome, Italy

Seizure and criminal confiscation in Italy, successful case studies. What is needed for effective and on time seizure, the role of judge

David Sakvarelidze, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Угода зі слідством в кримінальному процесі як швидкий та ефективний механізм повернення корупційних активів: досвід Грузії та можливості для України

Pedro Gomes Pereira, the Senior Asset Recovery Expert of International Centre of Assets Recovery, Basel Institute of Governance

Review of basic principles of non-conviction based confiscation and civil remedies for asset recovery purposes.

Mary Butler, the Deputy Chief of International Unit Asset Forfeiture & Money Laundering Section of U.S. Department of Justice

How the process of civil forfeiture is organized in the US? What are results and example of a few success stories. Challenges and risks: what are preconditions for effective law on non-conviction based confiscation?

Pierre-Yves Morier, the Head of the Task Force for Asset Recovery, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Recovery of assets of political exposed persons: the opportunities in the Swiss administrative Law.